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A Medical History ID Card Could Save Your Life!

Medical History Wallet Card
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The Medical History Card Could Save Your Life!
The ability to quickly and clearly communicate essential medical information to emergency care providers and medical personnel can be the lifesaver for you and for your family.

But what happens if you are unable to communicate? The Medical History Card provides a simple, affordable, and effective solution. The durable plastic wallet-sized card is convenient to carry at all times, and is clearly formatted to provide a wealth of important information, including emergency and physician contacts, blood type, medications, pre existing conditions, and more.
When time can make a difference between life and death, the Medical History Card quickly and clearly communicates essential medical information, such as allergies and sensitivities, to 'on scene' emergency care providers and medical personnel so treatment begins without delay, wherever you are!

The Medical History Card is ideal for people with medical conditions — from allergies to heart disease — and can make a difference for you & your loved ones when critical seconds separate life and death. Seniors, students, travelers, and sports enthusiasts alike will find the Medical History Card a simple and effective personal safety solution. 

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